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SAP Türkiye Projeleri


BPM-Business Process Management of ARIS of IDS Sheer, Scenario Management by Shell_Cap Gemini LNG Global Planing-Den Haag Holland. Building of Info Objects, DSO, InfoCubes and Extraction of Basis Planning Data from Excel Sheets in csv Format, Orbiter-Optimizer and Scenario Management using Integrated Planning BI-IP Module. Prof.Erdas offered the courses TBW10, TBW20, TBW41, TBW42, TBW45 and Delta Trainings.
WBS SAP Training Services all of SAP BW3.5 Back End und Frond End using Exercises offered by SAP Education on line training in Stuttgart, Star Schema, Info Cubes, PSA, IDocs, Delta Management, DSO, ABAP DDIC, User-Exits, Field Extensions, ETL from Source Systems,InfoProviders, Query Design, Access Rights, Reporting,Re-Dimensioning of Key Figures, Performance Tuning and Optimization, Indexing, Partitioning , Clustering,Aggregates.
Best-Blu Consulting with Energy, BI-IP IS-U Introduction, SAP BI Competence Center, Sales Support, SOA, ESR, tariff-pricing and sales statistics data, ETL, Query Design and Web Reporting, Portal Integration,Performance Optimization using Access Rights and right data selection methods, teaching the courses TBW10, TBW20, TBW41, TBW42, TBW45, AWB ABAP Workbench, DDIC,Loading Scheduling Monitoring, QA Test and Production.
Prof.Erdas is a senior SAP BI Consultant, fluent in both English and German, teaching all SAP Courses on the basis of online SAP Education Documentation, Logical System connection of SAP R/3 to SAP BI BW.
Short List of Competences of Prof. Erdas:
·         Founded experience in Systems analysis, as well as System Development in SAP Environment
·         Knowledgeable in OO-Programming language ABAP Reporting Dialogue Web Dynpro- PAI  PBI Logic.
·         Hands-on Knowledge and Experience with SAP Net Weaver 2004s -Components (BW, BI,SOA BOBJ, XI, Workflows) and SAP- ERP Modules FI, CO-PA, SD, MM; completed with related Management Concepts.
·         Experience with SAPI / BAPI, XML, DB-Connect, UD-Connect, Web Dynpro, Smart Forms, Flat Files.
·         Fluent in English differentiating between all logically- and physically fine conceptual system architecture
·         Very communicative and analytical minded with bright spectrum of interdisciplinary international e xperience in various branches of Industry
·         Very quick perception of work and process flows, BPM with independent and team working habits
·         SAP Product Strategy as of 2010, Business Objects as SAP GUI
·         NetWeaver04 as the main core for deriving new web services SOA
·         Product and Project Milestones, Analysis design Modelling Implementation Development, QA Test Production Operations, IT-Database-BI Strategy, Requirements Definition
·         Technological Know-How, ABAP Workbench, SPO, SBIW, SE38, SE11 Business Process Optimization-and Reengineering, Design.
·         Business Warehousing Architecture,BW-Basissystem, Business Content, Metadaten-Rep.
·         BI –Datamodelling, InfoObjects, InfoSources, InfoProvider,  Sourcesystems, Data Quality, Monitoring, Scheduling  and Performance Tuning, Status Tracking STS.
·         Extraktion und Staging, ETL, PSA und DTP, Definition von Loading.
·         BW-Design und Implementation, Partitionierung, Indexing, Aggregate,Process chains.
·         Information Lifecycle management, real time data processing, input ready queries.SAP BW SEM BPS 3.5 BI 7.0 Certified Solution Consultant SAP BI IP 7.0 Scenario Management, Performance Optimization Tuning, SAP® BI, SAP® BW-BPS , SEM BPS IT- Projektmanagement 
·         Professional SAP Trainer BI 7.0 TBW10, TBW20, TBW41, TBW42, TBW45.
·         Business Content, Metadaten Repository, SAP-und Non-SAP Quellsysteme und ETL –Tools, ABAP Dictionary, Domänen, Datenelemente, Tabellen, BW-Objekte, Info Objekte, InfoSets, Info Cubes, DSO, PSA, Idoc…
·         Data Quality und Performance Tuning; Aggregate, Indexing, Partitioning, Clustering, BI Accelarator
·         BW-Basics, Design, Process Chains, System-Integration, Web-Service Interfaces, Datamarts und Open-Hub Destinations, Datamarts Layer
·         ILM-Information Lifecycle Management, Archiving, Delete, Restore, BW-Statistics
·         BW Reporting Queries über BEx Web Designer Web Analyzer
·         Business Objects, Crystal Reports
Just finished 2008 the Publication of a SAP ERP BW BI SOA BOBJ Book in Turkish Language (to be published in English in 2009)
Best-Blu Consulting with Energy Senior SAP BW BI- IP Consultant
TBW45 BI –IP TBW10, TBW20, TBW41, TBW42
BW-BI 7.0 Introduction by Eprimo Electricitysupply-Discounter  of RWE
·         Sales Support Project- Acquisition, Offer-Bid tendesr Document for BBC, EverQ Sun Energy Supplier
·         Planning Infrastructure BW3.5 , Migration to SAP BI,7.0 SAP NetWeaver2004s- BI7.0- Integrated Planning, using BC –MDM-MDR- XI- Adapters UDC UDI und DB Connect, Extraction, Staging, Transformation und Loading of planning data.
·         Customizing and Execution of Planning Functions
·         Inpur Ready Planning Queries, BEX Query Designers and WAD Web Application Designer, Locking Mechanisms
·         Integration of STS-Status Tracking Systems for Monitoring of Planning processes.
Global long-term LNG Planning for Shell-in Holland Den Haag for Cap Gemini Consulting N.V.
·        Requirements definition and Analysis
·        Scenario Management using SAP BW BI 7.0,  Non-SAP Data Source, Integrated Planing/ Simulation using Excel csv.Templates Datasources, Orbiter as Optimizer for Planing data. Define InfoObjects, DSOs, Info Cubes, Aggregates; Reporting tricks BBS, Querydesigner, and Web Analyzer. Project Training on TBW10, TBW20, TBW41, TBW42, TBW45.
·        Shell Global LNG Planing-Raw data refining, identifying master data and key figures, attributes, dimensions, building objects of BI.
·        Datamodelling, Info Objects, DSO, Info Cube, Hierarchy Text Attributes, Dimensioning of Key figures, Line Item Dimensions Defn.
·        Non -SAP Sourcesystems-Loading, csv Flat Files.
·        Quality Assurance and Test
·        Reporting (BEx und Web)
SAP BW 3.5 BW BPS BI NetWeaver2004s Training and Certiciation as Solution Consultant by WBS Training-Berlin Stuttgart
·        On-line hands-on Training via SAP Stuttgart Centre, BW3.5 SEM SCM
·        SAP Documentation, SAP Web AS
·        ABAP User Exits Screen Selection Web Dynpro
·        SAP BW 305 Reporting
·        SAP BW310 -TBW10 Basic Concepts and Architecture
·        SAP BW 330 Datamodelling
·        SAPBW340 -350  TBW 41-42 Deltamanagement und ETL , Datamarts
·        SAP BW370 BPS –TBW45 Business Planning and Simulation
·        NetWeaver2004s BEx Web Reporting, Admin, Access Rights,
·        Datasources  XML, Flatfiles, DB Connect, UDI, SAP XI
·        ETL hands-on cases and exercises with all four data source types.
·         Preparation of different Exercises in Groups.
Conception und Implementation of SAP BW Systems  in Energy(IS-U),  Water, Traffic Admin and Construction
Migration einer Oracle -Datenbank über DB Connect
Analyse, Konzeption and Modellierung für SAP BW Einführung, Prozess, People NetWeaver Integration; Customizing, Roles definition,Access rights definition,, SAP BW 3.5 Net Weaver
·        Project management
·        Coordinating the ABAP Development
·        Datamodelling and Documentation
·        Access Rights Limitations and Locking Concept
·        Definition of Project Roles
·        Business Content (CO, ISU)Activation Drag and Drop
·        Connecting external Datasources (Flatfile, DBConnect)
·        Reporting (BEx, Web)Query Analysis
·        Internationale Projects  e-Gov. e-MBA.
·        Requirements defn., KPIs,  BSCs, Benchmarking, Risk Assessment, Controlling and Project management
·         EU- e-Procurement,
·        SAP BW FI CO_PA FI -AP/AR,
·        e-bidding and tendering, e-learning, e-public Purchasing processes
Analysis, Conception and Implementation of SAP BW 3.5 (Stadtverwaltung) City of Istanbul
Decision Support System DSS for Public Private Projects
·        Project Management
·        Datamodelling and Documentation
·        Flatfile Extraction Transform Loading
·        Reporting (Bex, Web)and Query Design
·        Web Enterprise Portal
·        SAP R/3 BW ABAP AWB Basis Admin. BW
SAP IS-U Senior Berater für Programmierung, Budgetierung, Planung, IT- Technologien Standardisierung, PPBS,  Anforderungsdefinition für SAP R/3 MM, FI/CO, HR Modulen, SEM, IS-U Training for Oil &Gas Company
·        Project Planning and  Program Management
·        Coordination of IT-Strategy, Facilities Planning, Projects Planning
·        DW BI Introduction , Customization and Roll-out ,
·        Security Back Ups, Network Data Base Management , SAP BW Reporting Analysis, ModelOLTP, OLAP,BW/BI, SOA, ESOA,ESA, EDW
·        Datenaufbereitung, Datenbeschaffung, Datenbereitstellung
·        Unternehmensstrategie, Kunden, Produkte/Projekte, Aufträge
·        Technological Know-How, IT-Strategy, BPM.
·        SEM-BI-SOA
·        Business Warehousing Architecture,BW-Basissystem, Business Content, Metadaten-Rep.
·        Das BW-Datenmodell ,DataSources, Data Quality and Performance Tuning
·        Analytical Engine, physical and virtual InfoProvider, Infopackages, Scheduling, Monitoring, Status-Tracking
·        Extraction und Staging, ETL, PSA und DTP
·        BW-Design und Implementation, Partitioning, Indexing, Aggregation, Process Chain
·        Information Lifecycle management, real time decision relevant data selection
·        Implementation of    KPIs , BSC- Balanced Scored Cards, Benchmarking
·        ITIL, CATT, Back- and Front End Project-Roles.
·        Präsentation and Roll Out., PPBS , SAP R/3 MM FI CO HR Modules, SEM, IS-U SAP ERP Training.
·        Customization, datasources, InfoSources, ETL –Proces Chains, Variables Wizard, DSS, KPIs, Balanced Score Cards, Key Figures Master data, Attribute, Dimensionierung, Transformation Update Rules, ABAP Routines, MIS.
Middleware, Web Portal Entwicklung, SAP BW Implementation für technische PLM-Product Line Management by SIEMENS, LUCENT
·        UMTS Netzplanungs- und Optimierungstool basiert auf Excel, DSS, Dokumentation, Reporting, Systems Engineering, Technical Pre-Sales Support, Acquisition, Einführung neue OEMs Neue Produkt and Technologie Platform, Neue Features Definition, Projekt Koordination Middleware OEM Customization, Schnittstellen Integration, Jump-Start Up von WAP Servers, Content Management, Location Based Services. 
·        Product Line Management/System Engineering for 3G Mobile Communications Systems
·        Network Planing and Optimization for Mobile Comm. GPRS_WAP_UMTS Systems
·        Firewall, Mobile Radius, RAS-Server, WAP-Gateway, Provisioning Server
·        Standards für IP/Internet, IETF,W3C, RFCs , 3GPP Mobility and LDS
·        Short-Cut Solution für Location Based Services via GGSN
·        Personalization, BW -and AAA-Brokerage for Mobil WAP-Portal
·        Temporary IP-Address as Primary Key for Bandwith and AAA services
·        Migration 2G - 3G, call-flows, DENPB-Directory Enabled Policy based networks
·        System Response Times ORACLE, MySQL DB-Connection- OCI
·        Future proof end –to-end network planning - optimization, queuing models
·        All-IP networks, H.323 and SIP for Multimedia Comm., Mobile-IP, Ipv6
·        IPsec, PKI, Kerberos, Security Policy, VPN and Tunnelling Protocols
·        Diffserv, QoS, Configuration of FR/ATM Backbone usingTelnet
·        K1297 Packet flow path follow-up, Systems Integration of diverse OEM Products
·        Seabridge 36140 and Newbridge 36170, 36190 EWSD Tests and Config. Handbook
·        SAP Trainings SEM MySAP.com
Oracle Principal Consultant, Boot - Camps Training in Budapest, ERP Manager, RDBMS, PL/SQL
·        Designer2000, Developer2000, Forms 3.2, SQL+, PL/SQL, JDBC
·        ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning and Coordination of projects
·        CRM, Project- Acquisition, Sales support
·        Reengineering - Business Processes
·        DB Migration –  Oracle DB Version 7.4.3 auf Oracle DB Version 8.0.5 und 8i und IBM-AIX.
·        Oracle Principal Resource Planning manager in Austria.
·        Technical Sales Support by Customers , Analyse, conception, Modelling Implementation of ERP Oracle Projectes of on-Site Projects by Customers, Project documentation, Checklists, Deliverables, Oracle Financials, und Manufacturing Packages for
Customer projects
FH   St. Poelten, Webster Universität in Wien, Univ. Salzburg, Univ. Istanbul
 Professor of Management Information und Relational Data Base Management Systems
·        Department Head IT Telecomm. RDBMS
·        MBA -Master of Business Administration Program
·        IT- Telecommunications Network Management
·        Client-server systems, Database security and back-up systems
·        Telecommunications Project Management
·        Queuing Theory and Probability Distributions, Teletraffic.
·        Computer Models for Systems Planning and Optimisation, ER-Models of Chen.
·        Network Planning Methodology, Dynamic Programming
·        Discrete Event Simulation
·        System Architecture, Functional             Consultant
Project Manager, responsable for 70 People in 5 Teams.
Bank Automation/ Project Manager, Consultant SCD Vienna
·        Bank Automation- Software Entwicklung Projekt auf NCR Windows NT Plattform
·        Systems Analysis and Follow-Up
·        NEM-Network Engagement Methodology for Software Integration and Test
·        Identification of Critical Test Cases, SW- test
·        Bank Automation Software Entwicklung für BS Windows NT and NCR Hardware Basis
·         SWIFT SWAP Funktionalitäten Übernahme und Integration.
·        Project Management, Budget, Time Costs, MS-Project and Excel Calculations.
Customer: Utilities RWE, Eprimo, Turkish Utilities TEK, EVU
Conceptual Basics Preparations, Price Policy,  Software IS-U, Sales Statistics, Bonus Programs, Financial Tables and Ratios for Decision Support Load and Learning Curfe Fittings, Demand adjustment Policy Voltage Regulation, Load Flow Studies, Power generation, Stability of Transmission Systems
Customer: Computer Centre of City of Vienna, MD-ADV
IBM DB/2, SAP R/2-R/3-Branchen-Software
 Inhouse SAP System Administration, FI CO HR SD MM
Concept , Development, Implementation
Production Development, QA Test
·         Banking
·         Energy
·         Oil and Gas
·         Telecomm., Mobile
·         Public Services
·         SAP BW BI- IP (Data Warehousing, BW Datamodeling, Data Staging. Reporting)
·         Datawarehousing Project Lifecycle Toolkit
·         MS Project, MS Visio
·         ABAP (SAP Conversion Routines, User Exits)
·         MS-Office
·         Oracle DB, Designer, Forms Developer





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