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CV of

Mehmet Erdas Ph.D.  B.Sc. M.Sc. MBA

Big Data Analytics /Head of Data Science/IT SME


SAP Solution Mgr  QM, SAP 4.7ERP& ECC6.0 NW10.0 XI PI ERP  BW7.3 MDM BI IP BPC10.0 BO BI4.0 HANA CRM BI 4.1, Cloud, Hadoop, Hana, Mobility, HR, SCM, Finance and Big Data, Testing, Training, Solution Manager, Project Systems

  • Principal Consultant Business IT Solution Architect BW BI HANA.
  • Cloudera Apache Hadoop Big Data Analyst HDFS MR Hive Pig Hbase YARN
  • Requirements Definition Scope Management
  • SAP BI BW Authorizations RSECADMIN
  • Conception, Design, Build, Test, Run IT Project Management
  • Change Management e-Request Requirements Def’n Service Test QA Provisioning
  • Rollout- Agile Scrum Mobile Solutions Coaching tech project leader
  • Migration/Test /Reporting/Training/SLM/SLA/SC/SV
  • IT Infrastructure Management DB Server Apps QA SAP SCM QM LIMS
  • Fluent Communication in English & German
  • BW7.4 BW7.5 on HANA Native Studio, HANA live content, Development&Reporting
  •  BSS/OSS OTT Churn Modeling, Business Use Cases forderiving revenue from location movement data of smart phones end-clients

·         Hadoop Operations, HDFS,MR, Plan Install Configure, Maintain  Hadoop Clusters

·         System Upgrade and Support

·         Complete Systems & Migration from Reports

·         JIRA requirements definition, Scope management


Primary Professional Skills/Focus

Dr Erdas`s core specialization activities are BW BI Big Data Analytics, Hadoop HANA Integration, upgrade to ECC6.0, Enhancement Package EhP Upgrade,Support Pack Stack and SAP Notes, Rollout to a new site or plant, System Integration and System Consolidation, SAP lanscape check using Solution Manager and SAP QM, MaxAttention, Rapid Seployment Solutions, functional and technical Design Specs, major functional and technical enhancements, upgrade to BW7.3 and migrate to HANA, integration of mobile apps, SAP CRM install and upgrade, test methodolody design, critical test cases, visibility/control of key user testing, control of outsourced testers, control of IT Testers, Business Process Re-engineering, Test scoping, test script sql, c, java.. generation, power designer for data modeling, test data preparation and test automation, Review IT Strategy, IT Data Model, Comm Data Model, Customer Experience Management, CEA CEM TPM SQM NPM, IT and Business Model Alignment, PDM, LDM, CDM, Multidimensional Modeling Cube Design, Data Marts, BI-IP, BPC,for HR FI CO ERP BW BI SAP HANA Big Data Analytics for Telecomms, Utilities, Banks, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing Companies.


Dr Erdas brings hands on experience in SAP QM-QA and SAP CRM BI-IP TPM for accurate delivery and commitment to agreed business goal-settings and HLD-LLD deliverables under given time frame and budget constraints, human resource limits, based on his keen analytical mind and experience he can manage  very strong stakeholder and customer relationsship management, with very strong communication and presentation skills, thanks to his very good English and German skills like mother tonque. Dr.Erdas worked in global multicultural teams as SAP QM Solution Architect and Solution QM Specialist using QM Customer and as  Ramp Up Coach Cockpit for designing QM Solutions MDM and GRC strategy data quality in food industry, e.g. Boots and M&S Project of Accenture in London, using SAP Enhancement Package 4.7 NW 7.01 SPS06 including the updated NWBC 3.0 in standard for ERP 4.70 EhP4, Business Architect, Solution Architect in SAP ORACLE IBM Sybase Enterprise Architecture BO XI BI4.0  development environment, Big Data Analytics, Upgrade to BW7.3 BW BI IP BPC TPM HANA CRM Integration with 6 Full lifecycle 2 HANA Projects experience, Agile and Scrum– from reviewing functional requirements through transition to support and delivery; designed BEx queries on top of BW Multiproviders – including complex Key Figure definitions using FOX Formulas and Variables. Worked closely with the backend-and frontend teams to ensure Layered Scalable Architecture LSA++ model conforming to data and enterprise architecture standards; built large suites of WebI reports using BICS connections and  Crystal reports/Xcelsius / Dashboards, using BW web services to feed data into the dashboards. Upgraded to BW7.3 and Converted Objects into in Memory Optimized column based data modelling in HANA, and a straight migration, SLT Sybase Landscape Replication process from BO XI to BI 4.0 on the existing BW landscape. Works pro-actively, identifying future risks in introducing a new software technology and standardization of new Applications development, Solution QM Strategy for SAP  enabling for more sustainable Market Share growth and market penetration, to achieve the best ROI, profit maximization with highest investment protection and lowest TCO. As SME-Subject Matter Expert, he can support corporate initiatives by gathering,  analyzing  requirements and recommending SAP and IT best practices, and delivering  end-products that meet business objectives just on time- and on budget, for the enhancements to current  systems,  system  testing  and analysis.  As SME Dr Erdas understands how to work with  SAP Best Practices, with cross-industry experience in business analysis, he knows how to assess   business needs,  define requirements specs, for  HLD_LLD gather   business  requirements to deliver technical implementations just in time. He can  write test scripts using diverse test tools and have an understanding of functional testing with the ability to analyze the results  and  interpret  the  findings to the business as well as technical developers. He can manage SAP BDA HANA BW BI CRM CEM QM projects with technical and functional perspective leading the business to best utilize SAP System analyzing the current processes of the business creating the BPM CDM PDM DWH data Models and databases. He can evaluate the business and functional   requirements   that  require customizations  or  enhancements  to  existing  applications,  products, assisting in developing the System Test scripts and User Test Scripts, developing the MDM TDM Master Data/Transactional data cleansing strategies and enabling the Data Migration strategies between diffrent data base systems Dr Erdas has In-depth   knowledge  of  constructing   KPI’s   and   KQIs balance  scorecards and their business implementations. Dr Erdas has more than  15 years+  hands-on  SAP project expertise: Configurations and business processes for SAP – SEM, SAP HANA BO BI4.0 BDA Platforms.  JDBC ODBC DBConnect BWALEREMOTE SM57 tRFC BW  BI CRM Systems Integration, ABAP.




SAP Basis ECC6.0, Solution Manager 7.1 Enterprise Portal Solution QM, BW BO on HANA, CRM BI IP TPM  BPC, BO Business Solution Architect, Testing/QM, Business Analyse, Projektmanagement  BW BI Authorizations etc. As a specialist for SAP Product Strategy and Financial Systems Architecture, trained for in-memory data management for big data, adapting new mobility solutions, systems integration enabling for new products and services derivation, with a keen analytical perspective, experienced with BW on HANA, knowledge of available competitive Core banking Software,  Dr.Erdas can analyze Core Banking Business Processes, identify scope and requirements definition,  matching new Core Banking Software leading to new products and services, knowledge on how to meet new reporting needs  based on new rules of regulatory, propose new products and interfaces, product differentiators and  drivers to create new business cases, demonstrate banking and financial services clients, deriving and adding new value in banking and financial services business value chain, create new business demand with investment protection at  minimum total cost of ownership.


Business Areas


Cross-Industry|  Banking Oil& Gas | Utilities | IT Strategy | Telco | Logistic | Food Industry Consumer Behavior QM| Customer Experience |QM and QoE CEM TPM CEA

Bin Data Statistical  Analysis R  Hadoop  Hofs mal reduziert  Java Json



SME, Solution QM,Lead Developer, Manager , Data Architekt, Project manager, Principal Consultant, Solution Architect, QM, SW Tester, Data Modeler, Big Data Analytics Platform Development HANA CRM TPM Hadoop Integration, User Profiles BW BI Authorizations  for TPM Bonus Scenario Development




SAP4.7 NW ECC6.0 XI PI ERP BW7.3 MDM BI IP TPM BPC10.0 BO BI4.0 CRM HANA System Integration Solution QM SW Development and Test Tools Aquadata Studio, Squirrel, MATLAB, Visio, Power Designer 16.5 SybaseIQ

Bigband Data Tools R Hadoop

Project Work Experience




Agile Scrum Mobile Soln’s Development Coaching



How to manage SW Agile,ITIL design build test run Development process

·         IT Strategy, Metadata MDM Strategy, Business Transformation

·         BW BI Authorizations

·         Solution QM for SAP NW ERP 4.7 and ECC6.0 BW7.3 SAP HANA

·         SAP BW BI IP TPM BPC BW7.3 on  HANA SansouciDB, CRM In Memory Data Management HANA Data Model Design R Big Data  Coach SAP UK Ltd.

·         Business Process Analyse Business Blueprint, Development Test

·         Data Migration & Upgrade

·         Project Manager, Lead Developer , SME

·         Data Quality Data Management TPM BI IP BPC CRM IS U BO


·         Systems Integration, ETL, Back-End Front End SAP BW Developer

Big Data Analytics IBM R Statistical Analysis

  • SAP Senior Business Solution Architect Project Manager Lead Dev. O-Server DB Administration
  • System Upgrade and Support
  • Complete Systems & Migration from Reports



·         SAP SCM BW Back End and Front End Solution QM Specialist


·         SAP ERP SCM BI CRM Certified Technical Solution Consultant since 2004

·         ORACLE 8-11.2 

·         SybaseIQ, Power Designer 16.5

·         IBM R Big Data Statistical Data Analysis Regression Simulation ….


Business Areas &Applications

·         Investment Banking, Oil Gas Utilities Telecomms, Food Industry

·         FSA Core Banking Systems

·         Data center operations planning migration test of DB OS Web-Server Apps Mgt.QATest

·         IT FI CO HR tPL Migration Planing Operations Build Test Run Delivery to QA Board

·         Smart metering, IS U BW BI HANA tPL migration test QA delivery

·         SAP ORACLE Enterprise Software DB Server Apps Infrastructure

·         SAP IS U BW BI HANA Data Migration

·         Cloudera Apache Hadoop Big Data Analyst HDFS MR Hive Pig Hbase YARN

·         Oil&Gas Upstream and Downstream Process Analysis Data Management

·         BPC BPO Business Process Re-Engineering


·         Database Design and Data Modeling using PD SQL Scripts





ACCENTURE, ThyssenKrupp Project Senior BW Solution Architect, Business Analyst

Hadoop Operations, HDFS,MR, Plan Install Configure, Maintain  Hadoop Clusters                         07/2016-Present

Data Modeling BW7.4 on HANA, BW BI Authorizations Loading Data from Excel Sheets,

Queries and Management Reports, BPC, BO Excel Office Analyzer Data Modelling QM


Daimler Rechenzentrum EDC Stuttgart Möhringen cbFC FICO Global Migration                              06/2016- 07/2016

 Tech.Project Leader Solution Architect Hadoop Operations, HDFS,MR, Plan Install

Configure, Maintain  Hadoop Clusters Cloudera Apache Hadoop Big Data Analyst HDFS MR

 Hive Pig Hbase YARN                                                                                                                                                  

Migration of Global IT FI CO Operating Systems, Design Build Run Visio Project Plan

DB Server Apps Management SLM SLA OLA OPM QA QM Test Delivery to SCM Operations

Server Admin. Support Migration, ,System Upgrade, Reports

Deutsche Bank Hays AG  Wealth Management Big Data Self Service BI Specialist                                04/2016- 06.2016

Automation of Big data Hadoop using QlikView, R, Python,JSON Objects Use Cases

Hadoop Operations, HDFS,MR, Plan Install Configure, Maintain  Hadoop Clusters

Cloudera Apache Hadoop Big Data Analyst HDFS MR Hive Pig Hbase YARN

Data Modelling Security, WANDisco FusionDistributed Computing PAXOS CORBA etc.


Swisscom Bern Zürich SAP HANA MDM Upload Project Solution Architect                                          09/2015 – 12/2015

Upgrade Migration of BW and ERP Landscape to HANA

Master  Data Analysis Cleansing Upload

IBM R BigData Data Statistical Analysis


GLG IT GROUP IT BANKING TECH. PROJECTS CONSULTANT                                                      01/2014 – 08/2015


Core Bankengruppe Software TEMENOS24 SAP Bank  Analyzer IBM R Statistical Analysis Hadoop Hdfs Map- Reduce Json Objects Mobility SW Quality Testing Master  Data Management


Huawei Ireland SAP HANA ERP BW BI Technology QM Solution Strategy,                                               01/2013 – 11/2013

Research and Development for different Industries

Cloudera Apache Hadoop Big Data Analyst HDFS MR Hive Pig Hbase YARN

Strategy and Development of a new DB based on SAP HANA Cross-Industrial Solution QM, Big Data In memory QM Solution Architect, Data Model Design, Database Indexing, Performance Benchmarking, Cross-Industry Solution QM Specialist, Hadoop Operations, HDFS,MR, Plan Install Configure, Maintain  Hadoop Clusters


Dr.Erdas worked in very complex SAP project environments as Cross-Industry Specialist and Solution QM for strategical planning and systems integration requirements definition, scope and change management, modeling ETL created DSOs Cubes for MI Reporting with keen analytical insight gained hands on SAP project experience, Database Design, performance Optimization, achieved SAP Certification as SAP SCM Solution Consultant, enabling him as Solution QM and Business Solution Architect by SAP UK EMEA to identify KPIs, KQIs to manage and execute the main business strategy goals in SAP ERP NW4.7  BW7.3 on HANA SAP Product Strategy as of 2012 HANA BA RDS, Business Objects NetWeaver04 as the main core for deriving new web services SOA
BI -Datamodelling, InfoObjects, InfoSources, InfoProvider, Sourcesystems, Data Quality, Monitoring, Scheduling and Performance Tuning, Status Tracking STS, Information Lifecycle Management.


SAP UK London, Statoil Bergen Norway  BI IP ILIMDAR Ltd.                                                                      01/2012 – 11/2012

Cross-Industry SD and CRM Solution QM Hands on Implementation in Food and Pharma Industry as Solution QM for new Database Development and data modeling based on the business requirements to evaluate how to implement best practice solutions QM of SAP ERP and BW BI OLTP and OLAP Platforms,translated business requirements into solution specific detailed designs and identified gaps and proposed alternative solutions using SD and CRM Modules.Managed all data model design, build & test related activities in all phases of the ELDORADO project, defined, documented and executed the system configuration specifications based on detailed design and functional HLD-LLD specifications. Created new simulated model test environment and tested critical test cases under load  using new sql test scripts and improved the solution design by collaborating with other technical development teams and business analysis teams. . ETL using  JDBC ODBC DBConnect BW ALEREMOTE SM57 tRFC BW  BI CRM Systems Integration, ABAP Customization

Ramp Up Coach BW 7.3 on HANA, CRM RDS BPS to BI IP TPM BPC Migration and DB Design SAP Solution QM for SD HR FI CO AC Modules and BW BI7. 3 


Dr.Erdas worked in very complex SAP project environments for requirements definition, scope and change management, modeling ETL creatied DSOs Cubes for MI Reporting with keen analytical insight gained hands on SAP project experience, achieved SAP Certification enabling him as HANA Ramp Up Coach and Business Solution Architect by SAP UK EMEA to identify KPIs, manage and execute the main mission critical BW on HANA project tasks to deliver on budget and just in time.SAP BW on HANA Rapid Deployment Solution CRM BI IP TPM GRC BPC mit BO als Front End, In Memory Data Management, SansouciDB. Certified SAP ORACLE BW BI SCM HANA Senior Consultant, Business Solution Architect, Ramp Up Coach for HANA in ELDORADO LLC in Moscow. Creation of In memory Optimized DSOs Cubes Upgrade of BW Systems to BW 7.3 Separation of ABAP and JAVA Stacks, BO BPC GRC SAP Systems Intagration, Solution Manager 7.1, Max Attention.OLTP, OLAP,BW/BI, SEM, SOA, ESOA,ESA, EDW
SAP Product Strategy as of 2012 HANA BA RDS, Business Objects NetWeaver04 as the main core for deriving new web services SOA
BI -Datamodelling, InfoObjects, InfoSources, InfoProvider, Sourcesystems, Data Quality, Monitoring, Scheduling and Performance Tuning, Status Tracking STS, Information Lifecycle Management.


ACCENTURE London, ILIMDAR Ltd. London, GLGCouncils.com New York                                           01/2011 – 12/2011

Cross-Industry SAP Manager, SME/QM Senior Berater, MDM Data Modeling Solution QM in Food and Pharmacy M&S and Boots Projects in UK


·         Cross-Industry System Integration(AIM, QM Solution Design, Project Mgt.) Customer Cockpit and CRM data Modeling, SD TPM  and CRM System Integration, Data Modeling Design

·         Hand on SAP BW HANA BO BI IP BPC CRM HANA Data Modeling, Training Implementation as Solution QM, Accenture Client Projects in Food Industry Predictive Analytics using Estimation Tools, Scoping, Change management, QA, QM Deliverables, IT Business Transformation for Food Industry, Banks, Oil Gas Utilities, Telecomms, ) Master Data Management and GRC CRM

·         Test and  Debugging von SAP and Oracle PL/SQL Stored Procedures, SAP ERP BW BI IP BPS Data Migration HR FI AC  CO

·         Programming in OO ABAP oder Oracle PL/SQL, SQL+

·         Business Lines and Stakeholders Relations (Business Strategy-  IT-Concept Alignment, Estimators Tools, ITIL, Prince2 CATT,..)

·         Programm and Change Management Releasemanagement for SAP QM BW BI IP GRC und BW on HANA in Finance and Food Industry

·         Design Documents HLD LLD, Open Items MM, Sales Orders

·         Business Analysis and Churn Prevention in Telecomms

·         Development Intagration Test of Systems Interfaces, SAP Authorizations, BI IP Lock Concept, System Architecture

·         Technologies: SAP ORACLE ERP BW BI SOA BO BPC

·         SAP BW SEM BPS 3.5 BI 7.0 Certified Solution Consultant SAP BI IP 7.0 Scenario Management, Performance Optimization Tuning, SAP® BI, SAP® BW-BPS , SEM BPS IT- Project Management

·         Professional SAP Trainer BI 7.0 TBW10, TBW20, TBW41, TBW42, TBW45 BI IP BPC BW7.3 on HANA1.0 SP3 SP5 Data Migration

·         ORACLE 11G R2 Migration to HANA CRM BI ; Fusion and Exadata


British Gas, Centrica LLC, ILIMDAR Ltd. London                                                                                             01/2010 – 12/2010

Solution QM, CRM SD IS U Integration Specialist. Lead Developer SAP IS U BW CRM Data Migration and BW Data Model ETL Design


Task definition: Conceptual development of SAP Solution QM and System Enterprise Architecture using SOA Portal design, apps Web Apps Interfaces Query Design

Implement SAP BW  Portal Integration, NetWeaver2004s, CRM QM Solution design and Systems Integration new HANA IS U BW BO BI- IP TPM CRM Systems Integration, Migration from Siebel. ESRS QM SAP Solution Project Implementation using Agile and Scrum Engagement Methodology, requirements definition and hands on  Implementation of IS U Development

Business Content, Metadaten Repository, SAP-und Non-SAP Quellsysteme und ETL –Tools, ABAP Dictionary, Admin Work Bench, Data Providers Data Sources, InfoAreas BW-Objects, Info Objekte, InfoSets, Info Cubes, DSO, PSA, Idoc Data Quality und Performance Tuning; SAP and ORACLE Certified SCM BW BI Architecture and Systems Integration, Data Quality and Data Management, Cleansing

BO BPC Solution Consultant

SAP Mobility Solutions, Business Analytics and In Memory Data Base Technology SAP HANA Ramp Up Coach and Business Principal Process Consultant


GLG Councils.com                                                                                                                                                           03/2009 –02/2010

Core Bankin Software Analysis and Best-Blu  Consulting  with Energy company 

Senior SAP BW BI- IP TPM CRM IS U Consultant Quality assurance and testing Functional unit and system testing

Enhanced the ETL functional specification with regards to SAP target modules, Source legacy data and develop detail transformation&rules&mappings. Developed IS U BW HLD LLD  documented manual processes for semi-automated and manual conversion activity provided business analysis for source system integration to data conversion and assess cleansing impacts, executed data conversion tools including data error handling and data inconsistencies, raised defects and work with the build team where conversion tools were needed; the development of Strategic Direction and Roadmaps for all Enterprise Systems;

the definition of Architecture, Strategy and Standards within the Enterprise Systems Domain; an Enterprise Systems Project Execution Engine resourced by a talent pool deploying applications standards, tools and methods;

the development and maintenance of Enterprise-wide shared components and associated services


ILIMDAR Ltd.                                                                                                                                                                  04/2008 – 02/2009

SECKIN Bookstore Publication of a SAP  ERP BW BI SOA BOBJ Book  in Turkish Language (to be published in English in 2009)

TBW45 BI –IP  TBW10, TBW20, TBW41, TBW42

BW-BI 7.0 Introduction  by Eprimo  Electricitysupply-Discounter  of RWE TPM CRM BI IP

• Sales Support  Project- Acquisition, Offer-Bid tendesr Document for BBC, EverQ Sun Energy Supplier

• Planning Infrastructure BW3.5 , Migration to SAP BI,7.0 SAP NetWeaver2004s- BI7.0- Integrated Planning, using BC –MDM-MDR- XI- Adapters UDC UDI und DB Connect, Extraction,  Staging, Transformation und Loading of planning data.

• Customizing and Execution of  Planning  Functions

• Inpur Ready  Planning Queries, BEX Query Designers and WAD Web Application Designer, Locking Mechanisms

• Integration of STS-Status Tracking Systems for Monitoring of Planning processes.


Shell (Cap Gemini Consulting N.V.)                                                                                                                              05/2007 – 04/2008

Global long-term LNG Planning

• Requirements definition and Analysis

• Scenario Management using SAP BW  BI IP BPS BI 7.0, CRM Non-SAP Data Source, Integrated  Planing/ Simulation using Excel  csv.Templates Datasources,  Orbiter as Optimizer for Planing data. Define InfoObjects, DSOs, Info Cubes, Aggregates; Reporting tricks BBS, Querydesigner, and Web Analyzer. Project Training on TBW10, TBW20, TBW41, TBW42, TBW45.

• Shell Global LNG Planing-Raw data refining, identifying master data and key figures, attributes, dimensions, data model design of BI.IP TPM Funneling  Business Processes CRM Systems Integration

• Datamodelling, Info Objects, DSO, Info Cube, Hierarchy Text Attributes, Dimensioning of Key figures, Line Item Dimensions Defn.

• Non -SAP Sourcesystems-Loading, csv Flat Files.

• Quality Assurance and Test

• Reporting (BEx und Web)


WBS Training – Berlin/Stuttgart                                                                                                                                  01/2007 – 04/2007

SAP BW 3.5 BW BPS BI  NetWeaver2004s  Training and Certiciation as Solution Consultant

• On-line hands-on Training via SAP Stuttgart Centre, BW3.5 SEM SCM

SAP Documentation, SAP Web AS

ABAP User Exits Screen Selection Web Dynpro

SAP BW 305 Reporting

SAP BW310  -TBW10 Basic Concepts and Architecture

SAP BW 330 Datamodelling

SAPBW340 -350  TBW 41-42 Deltamanagement und ETL , Datamarts

SAP BW370 BPS –TBW45 Business Planning and Simulation

NetWeaver2004s BEx Web Reporting, Admin, Access Rights,

Datasources  XML, Flatfiles, DB Connect, UDI, SAP XI

ETL hands-on cases and exercises with all four data source types.

Preparation of different  Exercises in Groups.



Conception and Implementation of  SAP BW Systems in Energy(IS-U),Water, Traffic Admin                         02/2005-01/2007

Migration of an Oracle database using DB Connect

Analyse, Conception and Modelling  for SAP BW Introduction, Process, People NetWeaver Integration; Customizing, Roles definition,Access rights definition,, SAP BW 3.5 Net Weaver

Project management

Coordinating the ABAP Development

Datamodelling and Documentation

Access Rights Limitations and Locking Concept

Definition of Project Roles

Business Content (CO, ISU)Activation Drag and Drop

Connecting external  Datasources (Flatfile, DBConnect)

Reporting (BEx, Web)Query Analysis

Internationale Projects  e-Gov. e-MBA.

Requirements defn., KPIs,  BSCs, Benchmarking, Risk Assessment, Controlling and Project management

EU- e-Procurement,


e-bidding and tendering, e-learning, e-public Purchasing processes


City of Istanbul   and City of Vienna MD-ADV                                                                                                                                                       03/2003 – 05/2005

Analysis, Conception and Implementation of SAP BW 3.5 (Stadtverwaltung)

Decision Support System DSS for Public Private Projects

SAP BI IP TPM CRM PS Systems Integration

Project Management IT Strategy Metadata Strategy

Datamodelling and Documentation

Flatfile Extraction Transform Loading

Reporting (Bex, Web)and Query Design

Web Enterprise Portal

SAP R/3 BW ABAP AWB Basis Admin. BW


Aramco                                                                                                                                                                                 11/2001-01/2003

SAP IS-U Senior Consultant for programming, budgeting, planning, standardization of IT technologies, PPBS,  Requirements definition of  SAP R/3 MM, FI/CO, HR Modulen, SEM, BI IP TPM CRM IS-U Training 

Project Planning  and  Program Management

Coordination of  IT-Strategy, Facilities Planning, Projects Planning

DW BI Introduction ,  Customization and Roll-out ,

Security  Back Ups, Network  Data Base Management , SAP BW Reporting Analysis, ModelOLTP, OLAP,BW/BI, SOA, ESOA,ESA, EDW

Data preparation, data collection, data provision

Corporate strategy, customers, products / projects, tasks

Technological Know-How, IT-Strategy, BPM.


Business Warehousing Architecture,BW-Basissystem, Business Content, Metadaten-Rep.

Das BW-Datenmodell ,DataSources, Data Quality and Performance Tuning

Analytical Engine, physical  and  virtual InfoProvider, Infopackages, Scheduling, Monitoring, Status-Tracking

Extraction und Staging, ETL, PSA und DTP

BW-Design and Implementation, Partitioning, Indexing, Aggregation, Process Chain

Information Lifecycle management, real time  decision relevant data selection

Implementation of    KPIs , BSC- Balanced Scored Cards, Benchmarking

ITIL, CATT, Back- and Front  End Project-Roles.

Presentation and Roll Out., PPBS ,  SAP R/3 MM FI CO HR Modules, SEM, IS-U SAP ERP Training.

Customization, datasources, InfoSources, ETL –Proces Chains, Variables Wizard, DSS, KPIs, Balanced Score Cards, Key Figures Master data, Attribute, Dimensionierung,  Transformation Update Rules, ABAP Routines, MIS.



SIEMENS, LUCENT                                                                                                                                                         03/1999-10/2001

Middleware, Web Portal development, SAP BW Implementation for technical PLM-Product Line Management

UMTS Network planning and optimization tool based on Excel, DSS, Documentation, Reporting, Systems Engineering, Technical Pre-Sales Support, Acquisition, Introduction of new OEM new product and technology platform, New features definition, project coordination middleware OEM customization, integration interfaces, Jump-Start Up of WAP server, Content Management, Location Based Services. 

Product Line Management/System Engineering for 3G Mobile Communications Systems

Network Planing and Optimization for  Mobile Comm. GPRS_WAP_UMTS Systems

Firewall, Mobile Radius, RAS-Server, WAP-Gateway, Provisioning Server

Standards für  IP/Internet, IETF,W3C, RFCs , 3GPP Mobility and LDS

Short-Cut Solution für Location Based Services via GGSN

Personalization, BW -and AAA-Brokerage for Mobile WAP-Portal

Temporary IP-Address as Primary Key for Bandwith and AAA services

Migration 2G - 3G, call-flows, DENPB-Directory Enabled Policy based networks

System Response Times ORACLE, MySQL DB-Connection- OCI

Future proof end –to-end network planning - optimization, queuing models

All-IP networks, H.323 and SIP for Multimedia Comm., Mobile-IP, Ipv6

IPsec, PKI, Kerberos, Security Policy, VPN and Tunnelling Protocols

Diffserv, QoS, Configuration of FR/ATM Backbone usingTelnet

K1297 Packet flow path follow-up, Systems Integration of diverse OEM Products

Seabridge 36140 and Newbridge 36170, 36190 EWSD Tests and Config. Handbook

SAP Trainings SEM MySAP.com




Project Position/Experience Summary


Huawei Big Data Analytics R&D Team SAP QM Solution Specialist                                                                  01/2013-11/2013

HLD_LLD Requirements Definition Functional Spec  E. Architecture

Smart Customer Care, Customer Experience Management CEM QM

SAP HANA AMStore Solution Design          


SAP BI IP Planning Expert STATOIL (U.K.) LTD Bergen                                                                                      01/2012 -10/2012

BusinessProcessSenior Solution Architect SAP (UK) CoE HANA, Ramp Up Coach for HANA, BI IP BPC  BW7.3 RDS CRM  on HANA, Solution Manager7.x                                                                                                                                

CEO, Exec. Manager ILIMDAR Ltd. BI IP BPC SAP UK HANA Training GLG Research Council                05/2011-12/2011

Expert on SAP BI IP CRM Systems Integration ACCENTURE DIENSTLEISTUNGEN GMBH London   04/2011 -11/2011

BW Developer-IP Business Intelligence Senior Consult. CENTRICA IS U BW Lead Developer UK          07/2009 - 04/2011

GLG Associate SEM CBS BI IPConsultant Self-Employed Consultant -                                                           07/2009 - 02/2011

IS U BI –IP Consultant Best-Blue Consulting GmbH Germany                                                                            04/2008 - 07/2009

SAP BI IP Shell LNG Business Intelligence Consultant CAPGEMINI Den Haag Holland                            11/2007 - 04/2008

Principal Training SAP QM Solution Consultant WBS Training AG Berlin Germany                                       01/2007 - 11/2007

PPP SAP ORACLE Projects Coordinator Municipality of Istanbul- MUSIAD Berlin                                    08/2004 - 11/2007

Freelancer Consultant ILIMDAR Ltd.  Manager SAP SEM, SAP QM Solution Specialist                              10/2005 - 11/2006

Consultant Senior Engineer PLM SIEMENS AG UMTS Project                                                                          09/1999 - 09/2005

IT and Telecom SAP SEM  Planning Specialist OIL COMPANY ARAMCO                                                   10/2001 - 02/2003



Skill                                                                                                                   Proficiency           Yrs of Exp           Last Year Used

SAP-BW Front End-BEx Web Analyzer or Rpt Designer                    Expert                      15 Years              2008

SAP-Master Data Management-MDM Design/Development               Expert                      6 Years                2010

SAP-Strategy Management (SSM)                                                              Expert                      9 Years                2010

SAP-Utilities                                                                                                     Expert                      7 Years                2010

SAP-Utilities-Collaborative Services Management                                               Expert                      7 Years                2010

SAP-Corporate Performance Management (CPM)                                Advanced                4 Years                2010

SAP-Integrated Planing BI IP TPM CRM                                                Advanced                6 Years                2009

SAP-Oil & Gas                                                                                                 Advanced                6 Years                2002

SAP-Utilities-Billing                                                                                       Advanced                6 Years                2010

SAP-Utilities-CRM & Billing                                                                        Advanced                4 Years                2009



Prof.Dr.Dipl.Wirtsch.Ing.   Informatics Financial management
Univ.Vienna, TU Braunschweig, M.E.T.U. 1998


Dr.soc.oec.Dr.rer.pol.   Integrated Planning Energy Telecomm Finance
TU-Vienna, Univ.Vienna, Webster Vienna, Univ.Salzburg 1993


Ph.D B.Sc. M.Sc. MBA   Energy Telecomm. Finance
METU, TU Braunschweig, Univ. Vienna 1982


SAP & ORACLE Certified Back-End & Front-End
SAP BW BI Subject Matter Expert


IEEE Senior Member   DAAD  1978-1982


Ph.D in Germany Tech Univ of Braunschweig Lower Saxcony, M.E.T.U  M.Sc. B.Sc. MBA Vienna University, Salzburg University assigned Prof. for SAP QM database development and RDBMS solution test scripts.


SAP BW BI NetWeaver 2004s Solution Consultant, Requirements Definition, Business Blueprint,Data Modelling, Planning, Architecture, Design, Implementation, Reporting and Business Process Reengineering of Business Intelligence Projects




German – Excellent fluent

English – Excellent fluent

Turkish -  Mother Tongue

Arabic, French , Latin (Reading and Understanding)



Prof.Erdas is SME Telecommunication Oil Gas Utilities and Banks Enterprise- and Core Banking Software Systems, Interfaces Integration of Oracle, SAP, MISYS, CBS, FX, Treasury TEMENOS,Treasury, FX Trading, Reporting back end and front end, Investment Banking and IT SAP ORACLE BI CRM Project Management Experience SDLC,SLA full life cycle,design build test operate with extensive knowledge of FI CO HR IT Financial risk and change mgt. scoping and requirements definition,for Banks, Telecoms Utilities, Oil Gas, Utilities; worked at Centrica in BG in UK, by SAP UK as HANA Architect BA BI SME Manager of SAP IS U BW MI Reporting Data Quality Modeling QA IT Strategy, CBS and MI reporting.Prof.Erdas is specialized in technology investments assessments' of business network transformation projects in IT Metadata Strategy, Data Quality, SAP ERP BW BI SOA CRM HANA BO BI4.0 Mobility Solutions of all market IT enablers; as being SME for SAP and ORACLE Product Dev. Strategy HANA Ramp Up Coach reviewed all SAP ERP BW on HANA RDS CRM on HANA Rapid Deployment Solutions as single point of contact,meeting and exchanging HANA implementation info weekly with Solution Back Office and reporting every week all bugs and problems with clients and implementation partners.. Experienced by Companies like Accenture, Cap Gemini, ORACLE, SAP, SHELL, BP, STATOIL, ARAMCO... Prof.Dr. Mehmet Erdas is contracting Business Solution Architect for Finance; Energy, Utilities Telecomm Supply Chains(UK, US, EUROPE). He is a SAP BI IP Planning & Migration Expert.



























Honors / Awards :

SAP Certified Partner
SAP BW BI Consultant 2007

IEEE Senior Member
IEEE 2006



SAP BW BI NetWeaver 2004s Solution Consultant, Requirements Definition, Business Blueprint,Data Modelling, Planning, Architecture, Design, Implementation, Reporting and Business Process Reengineering of Business Intelligence Projects

Publications :

In my hand-book on SAP ERP BI BW SOA project management practices, published 2010 in Istanbul, the basic SAP project management essential concepts and IT system architectures, ETL and all transactions and different system interfaces S-API, BAPI, tRFC, DB-Connect, Flat File and Spreadsheets have been covered I have written a new book (to be published soon) on financial crisis and interest rate mechanism analysing the derivatives like asset backed securities, credit default swaps, credit insurance markets and financial risk, debt collection and credit portfolio management using my mathematical background and interdisciplinary education and professional work experience gained by investment banks TKB, DESIYAB, TCZB, IBRD in Turkey, Austria and Germany. I am also in GLG- Gerson Lehrman Group of Experts, Consultant for Banking, FX, Treasury Management, Bank Analyzer, Utilities and Telecommunications

Governance Risk Compliance, Acces Security Authorizations, Bank Automation Software, SAP BI Oracle Requirements Analysis Risk Assessment Business Intelligence Mobility Solutions HANA CApital Markets Financial Services Utilities Oil Gas Companies IT Strategy Metadata Strategy Master Data Management Project SCope Management Estimators Delivery center Data Center SOlution Consulting Systems Architect High Level and Low Level technical design Documents project management MI Reporting Tools Dashboards BI CRM Integration, Synchronization, Strategic IT, SAP MDM GRC IS U, Management Consulting and Business Planning Projects and Programme Management Practices, Methods Standards and Guidelines Project and Programme Governance,Data Selection and Data QualityRelationship Management with stakeholders IT governance practies including SAP GRC MDM, Metadata Strategy, Energy and/or Utilities energy industry, Smart Metering, Smart Grid, Asset Management, Field Services,Resource Planning






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