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SAP Türkiye Projeleri

Writing a book about SAP and the programming language developed by SAP requires first of all providing consistency and semantic integrity with the use of the most convenient Turkish terms for localizing those English ones which have never been localized into Turkish before. Successfully doing this means being the pioneer and it is a hard task to perform.
The literature shows that providing clear concepts as well as a common language with syntax and semantic integrity was the primary obstacle to overcome for the first SAP founders and programmers who developed SAP. For instance, providing conceptual consistency, distinction of terms and semantic integrity from the first design and architecture to functional logic system, as well as launching new products and services without contradiction with the legacy concepts and definitions requires high volume of time and resource consumption. SOA - Service Oriented Architecture – Newly developed service oriented web based SAP architecture is the most striking example for this. In SOA application, in order to define and implement all business processes and structural characteristics of an enterprise as well as purposes and tools of target hierarchy on web basis, re-definition, re-naming, improvement and simplification of the legacy concept and definition conventions are needed.
Within this crisis and unemployment period where a global demand shortage is being experienced and investment banking is corrupted, in order to enable the consumers to spend money again by trusting in future, in decision taking mechanisms where the productivity growth and profitability are based on efficient resource planning as well as business intelligence and in business management, new resource usage and price balance between goods/services and cash flows in the real estate, energy and finance markets should be established as soon as possible. In this highly ambiguous environment, using SAP BW BI as well as ABAP and Java Platforms together with the related programming language means obtaining the most important comparative advantage from the point of view of both employers and consultants/programmers who are working in the field.
It is difficult to be a SAP Consultant without ABAP knowledge. Although generating ABAP Code have been facilitated by the efficient use of graphic menus with the help of object based programming tools newly developed by SAP such as drag & drop methods in AWB and WAD that are opened through RSA1 and SE38 commands, it is not possible to check the correct usage, to discover the error and to correct it immediately without reading the ABAP Code.
Yener Türkeli submits his several year’s market experience and efforts to SAP and ABAP users as well as beginners who wish to learn SAP ABAP. Since this is a first in the relevant field in Turkey, additions, corrections and depending on the demand, new developments and improvements would be introduced in the following editions upon dialogue with the readers.
My book “Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence” that I plan to complete the writing process in February 2009 handles complementary subjects with Mr. Yener Türkeli’s valuable book “My ABAP Consultant”. I especially recommend "My ABAP Consultant” since it is a first in the field and I believe it will be beneficial both in theoretical and practical terms to all SAP Users, Consultants and Programmers. 
Prof. Dr. Dipl .Wirtsch. Ing. Mehmet Erdaş- SAP BW BI Certified Consultant




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